Andratx Majorca

Andratx - A town and municipality on the island of Majorca (Mallorca) in the Spanish Balearic Islands, Andratx is situated at the south-western end of the island.

Andratx History, Tourist Attractions and Beaches


Andratx In its long history has been marked by trade relations. The Romans occupied these lands in the second century BC, from this time several archaeological remains such as coins and pottery have been found.

James I 'The Conqueror' recovered these lands in 1229 and placed it under the control of the Bishop of Barcelona.

The population has been strongly influenced by the constant pirate raids by Moors. These attacks lasted until the late sixteenth century and played a role in the appearance of the town, which had to be fortified. In the year 1408 the town was walled, today we can revive this part of its history by visiting numerous defensive towers that still remain.

Currently Andratx, like the rest of the island has become a prime location for tourism, thanks to the beauty of its coastline, one of the highlights being the Dragonera Natural Park and the tourist resort of Puerto Andratx, one of the largest of the Balearic archipelago.


Son Mas Castle Andratx - The Son Mas Castle is the most important monument of Andratx, a symbol of the population, emphasized by its beautiful square tower topped by battlements, built in the sixteenth century and later rebuilt in the Gothic style. Today it has been restored and houses the Town Hall.

Church of Santa Maria de Andratx - The Church of Santa Maria de Andratx was built in the eighteenth century and is the largest religious monument in the town.

Centro Cultural Andratx - The Andratx Cultural Center is the largest in the Balearic Islands and one of the largest in Europe. Throughout the year there are numerous exhibitions and cultural events dedicated to the promotion, creation and exhibition of contemporary art.

Camp de Mar - Camp de Mar is one of the most important resorts of the municipality of Andratx. Its construction began in the 1980s. It has the best hotels, apartments, housing estates and restaurants in the area, in addition to the golf course of Camp de Mar, located in its surroundings, and its beautiful beach, Playa Camp de Mar, which has been awarded the Blue Flag.

Puerto de Andratx - The Port of Andratx, situated in the extreme west of Mallorca, is one of the tourist centres and major fishing area of the Andratx municipality and one of the main in the Balearic Islands. From its origins the main source of income is fishing activities, having one of the best natural harbours in the archipelago. Highlights include a beautiful harbour, with about 180 moorings and all the necessary facilities for boaters, and a fine promenade. Today Puerto Andratx is a first class resort to having excellent developments, hotels, apartments and restaurants.

Sailing Club of Puerto de Andratx - The Sailing Club of Puerto de Andratx is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, on Avenida Gabriel Roca Puerto de Andratx. It was opened in 1968 and is regarded as one of the best marinas in the Balearics.

S'Arracó - S'Arracó is a town of the Andratx municipality located between the valleys of Sa Palomera and Andratx. It is a beautiful little town with about 1,000 inhabitants, which keeps all its charm. Notable are its low modernist houses, located along the road between Andratx with San Telmo.

San Telmo - San Telmo is a small fishing village located between S'Arracó and Trappe, on the south west coast of Mallorca, facing the Dragonera Natural Park. Originally its main source of income was fishing and salting, but since mid-twentieth century, tourism has taken great importance due to being located in one of the most beautiful and tranquil areas of the island. It has great developments and hotels. In the surroundings the main landmark is the Castle of Sant Elm.

Castle of Sant Elm - San Telmo - The Castle of Sant Elm is located opposite the Dragonera island and the islet of Pantaleu. It was built in the late sixteenth century and used to defend inhabitants against pirate attacks so prevalent at that time.

Dragonera - Dragonera is an island, dragon-like, located southwest of the island of Mallorca, together with the islets of Es Pantaleu, Na and Els Mitjana Calafats Dragonera Natural Park. It is located in front of San Telmo, separated from the coast by Channel Freu. Highlights include the spectacular cliffs of the west coast, reaching 300 metres in height, and across the beautiful coves and a small natural harbour. It has two lighthouses on either one end of the island, in the Cabo de Tramuntana and Llebeig.

Dragonera Natural Park - Dragonera - The Nature Park consists the island of Dragonera and the islets of Es Pantaleu, Na and Els Calafats Mitjana. It was declared by the Balearic Government to be a Natural Park in 1995, and is an area with many environmental amenities, a place inhabited many species of animals and plants, some of them endangered. Special mention should be made of osprey colonies living in the park, the largest in the Western Mediterranean.


The coastline of the municipality of Andratx is dotted with beautiful beaches and small coves, located between high cliffs, which are characterized by fine sand and crystal clear waters, ideal for diving enthusiasts. Among the most popular is the beach of Carregador Camp de Mar, where you will find all the necessary services and also awarded the Blue Flag.

In Cucó Cala or Cala Cucó In Bubu is one of the coves belonging to Dragonera Natural Park, a small island belonging to Andratx area.

Cala Basset cove is located in front of the lighthouse on the island of Dragonera and enjoys very clear water suitable for snorkeling and for anchoring boats.

Playa Playa Es Carregador with small buildings that practically run into the water, whose residents are the only ones who frequent it.

Sant Elm Beach or San Telmo is the largest beach located in the town of Sant Elm and receives large numbers of visitors and offers many services and facilities.

Cala Molins or Cala Cala Conills is of very small size.

Cala Egos is isolated, inaccessible and low occupancy, without services and facilities.

Cala Marmassen is a semi-urban beach but very quiet, frequented by residents of a luxury housing nearby.

Cala Llamp is a stones and sand beach located at the foot of a hillside that houses luxury single family homes.

Playa Camp de Mar beach is frequented by tourists and has all kinds of equipment and facilities for public use.

S'Algar beach is a small beach collecting large amount of algae, and because of this is not desirable to swimmers.

Cala Fonoll Little Creek is of semiurban character and is devoid of amenities.

Cala Blanca is a beach of pebbles and stone reached by a winding path.


How far is Puerto Andratx from Andratx town? Answer: 4.5 kilometres.

How far is Andratx from the airport (Palma de Mallorca)? Answer: 38 kilometres (about 30 minutes drive).

How far is Andratx from Magaluf? Answer: 15 kilometres.

How far is Andratx from Palma de Mallorca city? Answer: 29 kilometres.